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Your "same old" auto insurance policy may leave you underinsured... Even if you weren't at fault in an accident, most policies typically pay what the vehicle is worth, leaving you on the hook for the debt and nothing to show for it. How much of your car can you afford to lose?

Optiom Prime can fill the gap in your current coverage by providing comprehensive vehicle replacement protection (whether you purchase or lease a new or used vehicle). It also contributes towards your loan/lease obligations in the event your vehicle is a total loss and written off by your primary auto insurer.

Optiom Prime is an easily affordable, month-by-month or year-by-year extendable vehicle replacement plan!


Up to 7 years of coverage available!


Everyone qualifies! Vehicles up to 10 years old are eligible for coverage!


No increase in premium throughout the term of your policy! Coverage for the average vehicle is approximately $25/month!